City of Hope's Beckman Research Institute Receives $2.5 Million Endowment Gift

The Los Angeles-based Beckman Research Institute at the City of Hope cancer center has announced a $2.5 million gift from longtime supporters Morgan and Helen Chu to establish an endowed chair at the institute.

Richard Jove, the institute's director and a professor in its department of molecular medicine, will be the first to serve as the Morgan and Helen Chu director. Jove investigates the mechanisms that help cancer develop and thrive and has pioneered research identifying STAT proteins as new molecular targets for cancer therapy while working to develop the next generation of more effective and less toxic drugs for treatment of cancer.

Established in 1983, the institute enables scientists engaged in molecular and cellular biology investigations to explore biological processes as they relate to human disease — research that has led to advances in genetics, cancer biology, gene therapy, immunology, and neurosciences as well as the development of promising anticancer treatments.

"Helen and I are pleased to support City of Hope and the innovative science of the Beckman Research Institute," said Morgan Chu. "Many of today's most promising medical treatments — from synthetic human insulin to the technology used to create some of the most powerful cancer drugs 8212 stem from the groundbreaking work of City of Hope scientists."