Cleveland Foundation Awards $3 Million in Grants

The Cleveland Foundation has announced grants totaling $3 million to local nonprofit organizations, with a focus on neighborhood revitalization and community art initiatives.

January grants announced by the oldest community foundation in the nation include $100,000 to the Cleveland Tenants Organization to help it better meet the growing demand for its services; $25,000 to St. Paul's Community Outreach to help it expand an innovative conflict-resolution program; $35,000 to the Scranton Road Ministries Community Development Corporation, which focuses on providing residents of the Clark-Fulton, Tremont, and Detroit-Shoreway neighborhoods with tools to build self-sufficiency, to create a new funding plan; and $100,000 to the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland in support of a comprehensive anti-poverty initiative in Cleveland's Central neighborhood.

In addition, the Cleveland International Film Festival was awarded $95,000 in support of new audience engagement initiatives; IngenuityFest will receive $35,000 in support of its efforts to become a city-wide event with activities in multiple locations over several days; and the MamaĆ­ Theatre Company was awarded a $7,500 capacity-building grant.

"Cleveland Foundation Announces $3 Million in January Grants." Cleveland Foundation Press Release 01/30/2015.