Clinton Foundation, Yale Develop Blueprint for Ethiopian Hospitals

Yale University has announced that, in partnership with the William J. Clinton Foundation, it has created a blueprint for Ethiopia's hospitals that aims to improve their management capacity.

The Blueprint for Hospital Management in Ethiopia was developed by the Ethiopian Hospital Management Initiative, a program of the Ethiopian Ministry of Health led by the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative and Yale School of Medicine. The document addresses specific areas of problem-solving and leadership while also focusing on key hospital systems. "The blueprint will form the backbone of the EHMI program as it moves into year two," said project director Tim Dentry. "It is the direct outgrowth of the program's success building leadership skills among Ethiopian professionals, while implementing real quality improvements in the fourteen engaged hospitals."

Staff from Yale and the EHMI program will use the blueprint as the basis for training Ethiopian healthcare professionals from public hospitals, regional health bureaus, and the federal ministry in order to improve access to, and delivery of, healthcare services for the country's seventy-six million citizens. It will also be used to drive quality improvements at the systems level in Ethiopian hospitals. Those systems include human resource management, governing boards, patient flow, medical records management, nursing standards and practice, infection prevention policies, pharmacy inventory warehouse and management, and global budgeting and financial management.

"We are pleased with the great success and innovative thinking of the EHMI Fellows and their partnering hospitals," said Elizabeth Bradley, professor of public health and director of the EHMI project at Yale. "They have applied their newly acquired project management skills in order to initiate systems improvements in their hospitals. It is exciting to watch as each system is leading to both improved staff morale and improved patient care within each hospital. We look forward to the time when these systems will be expected in hospitals throughout the whole of Ethiopia."

"Yale and Clinton Foundation Develop Blueprint for Ethiopian Hospitals." Yale University Press Release 06/11/2007.