Columbia University Cancer Center Receives $40 Million Gift

Columbia University Medical Center has announced a gift of $40 million from longtime supporters Herbert and Florence Irving in support of the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The couple's most recent gift boosts their total giving to the center and its partner NewYork Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia to $200 million since 1987, including $177 million in support of HICCC and other cancer-related programs. HICCC will use the gift to recruit and retain new cancer investigators and support current investigators as well as the operations of the center.

Herbert Irving is a co-founder and former vice chairman of food services giant Sysco Corporation.

"Herb and Florence are not only the most important benefactors of our medical center, they are visionaries," said Robert Kasdin, senior executive vice president of Columbia University. "We are grateful for the lasting and meaningful ways that they have contributed to the greatness of our institution. And those of us who are lucky enough to know them personally always come away from speaking with them feeling that they have added to our lives — through their allegiance, through their humor, and through their incredible intelligence."

"Columbia's Cancer Center Receives $40 Million From Herbert and Florence Irving." Columbia University Medical Center Press Release 06/04/2012.