Columbus Foundation Meets $1.2 Million Challenge for Arts Funding

The Columbus Foundation has announced the successful conclusion of its Arts Challenge Fund Initiative, which raised $600,000 to support the arts and matched $500,000 in funds committed to the arts earlier this year.

Launched on September 22, the nine-day challenge offered donors a comprehensive investment program comprised of fifteen organizations that are part of the Columbus Cultural Leadership Consortium. Two opportunities provided those giving the first $250,000 a three-to-one match on their contributions and an additional $50,000 in one-to-one matches. The foundation also offered a one-to-one match of up to $300,000, with the total then matched by up to $500,000 by Franklin County. Prior to the public phase of the challenge, CCLC had raised $100,000 that qualified for the county funds.

To receive funds, organizations are required to complete an eight-point progress plan, which includes an agreement to collaborate, share services, prepare three-year budgets, consider enhanced funding models, and complete the community's cultural plan. The fifteen organizations eligible for support are BalletMet, CAPA, CATCO, the Children's Theatre, the Columbus Museum of Art, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, COSI, the Franklin Park Conservatory, the Jazz Arts Group, the King Arts Complex, Opera Columbus, Phoenix Theatre Circle, ProMusica, Thurber House, and the Wexner Center for the Arts. In addition, the Greater Columbus Arts Council is eligible to receive funds as the fiscal agent for the completion of the cultural plan.

"This effort to raise much needed funds for the Arts Challenge Fund was an astounding success," said Columbus Foundation president and CEO Douglas F. Kridler. "Clearly, our case for support and progress was well received. Thanks to the seventy donors to this fund, our arts community is on a course to become stronger and more prepared for what is ahead in the short-term and long-term."