Columbus Foundation's 'Big Give' Leverages $8.7 Million in 24 Hours

The Columbus Foundation has announced the results of its Big Give campaign, a twenty-four-hour fundraising initiative intended to give nonprofits in central Ohio an economic boost.

More than 600 nonprofits participated in the event, which generated more than 13,000 transactions at the foundation's PowerPhilanthropy® online marketplace between November 10 and 11. Donations, which ranged from $20 to $240,000, came from people living in over 600 cities across the nation and were matched by over $1 million from the foundation and its donors. Of the remaining $7.5 million, about half, $3.6 million, came from 817 foundations, with the rest donated by the public. In addition, the foundation pledged to cover all credit card fees associated with the online transactions.

The top-earning nonprofits were the Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation, which received 140 donations totaling almost $382,000; the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, which received 436 donations totaling $352,000; the Ohio State University Foundation, which received 47 donations totaling over $333,000; the Columbus Jewish Federation, which received 74 donations totaling more than $293,000; and the Columbus Academy, which received 99 donations totaling over $243,000. Social services nonprofits received the most support (36% of the total), followed by education (30 percent), health (18 percent), arts (12 percent), and animal welfare and environmental issues (2 percent each).

"We thank and congratulate everyone who was part of the community's first Big Give — you helped central Ohio realize a magnificent achievement," said Columbus Foundation president and CEO Douglas F. Kridler. "We celebrate our dedicated nonprofits, who worked tirelessly to promote the event, and the incredible results that will benefit them. The tremendous generosity of our big-hearted community truly defines who we are."

For a full list of nonprofits that paricipated in the program, visit the Columbus Foundation Web site.