Community Foundation Update (02/22/20)

Community Foundation Update (02/22/20)


The Arizona Community Foundation has announced that it awarded grants and scholarships totaling more than $18.2 million in the third quarter of its fiscal year (October-December). A total of $8.7 million was awarded to more than nine hundred organizations working in the areas of health, health care, medical research, and human services; $1.3 million was awarded to over two hundred organizations working in the broad area of community improvement and development; $1.2 million was awarded to a hundred and fifty arts and cultural groups in the state; and nearly $900,000 was awarded in support of groups focused on environmental education, renewable resources, conservation, and animal welfare. In addition, the foundation awarded $4.2 million in scholarships and education-related grants, while twenty-eight organizations with agency endowments managed by the foundation received distributions totaling $1.9 million.


The Calaveras Community Foundation has announced a grant of $10,000 from the Jackson Rancheria Band of Miwuk Indians in support of grassroots community groups in Calaveras County. Since its creation in 2000, the foundation has awarded more than $2.4 million in grants, scholarships, and general assistance.

The Community Foundation for Monterey County has announced that it awarded a record $19.2 million in grants in 2019 to nearly nine hundred organizations. The total includes approximately $5.9 million awarded through donor-advised funds and $5.3 million awarded as part of the Monterey County Gives campaign. In addition, local students received a total of $1.43 million in scholarship awards.


The Chicago Community Trust has issued an Open Call for Ideas to improve the local and regional economy in areas where conventional market activity does not fully meet community needs. The foundation welcomes ideas for place- and area-based initiatives that advance neighborhood investment goals; creative uses of community assets, finance, and development tools that facilitate neighborhood ownership; and policy proposals focused on neighborhood investment.


The Central Indiana Community Foundation has announced Robin Elmerick as its new director of effective philanthropy and Ben Snyder as its new director of marketing and communications. Elmerick joined the foundation in 2019 and served as its first not-for-profit sustainability officer, while Snyder has served in a variety of roles in the foundation's communications department.


The Pottawattamie County Community Foundation has received a gift of $451,000 from the Charles E. Lakin Foundation to renovate and expand its headquarters in Council Bluffs, the Daily Nonpareil reports. In addition to renovations of its existing space, the foundation will build an addition featuring a thirty-person gathering space for foundation meetings and public use. In recognition of the gift, the building will be renamed the Florence and Charles E. Lakin Center for Community Giving.


The Kalamazoo Community Foundation has announced that the Kalamazoo City Commission will meet for a work session on February 24 to discuss proposed ordinance changes aimed at addressing structural racism in housing. The proposal would update Chapter 18 of the Kalamazoo Code of Ordinances and eliminate blanket housing rejections for any demographic group. Among the proposed changes would be new protections for people using housing vouchers or county identification cards, as well as for individuals who have been incarcerated. In addition, rental housing application fees would be regulated, and a civil rights board would be established to review contested cases of discrimination that come under the purview of the ordinance. In 2018, the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) awarded an Innovation Fund grant to community organizations in Kalamazoo through the Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR). Partner agencies and organizations in the effort include the City of Kalamazoo, MDCR, the ISAAC Kalamazoo Housing Task Force, and the Fair Housing Center of Southwest Michigan.


The Chester County Community Foundation in West Chester has announced that it partnered with the honors stewardship and civics engagement class at West Chester University to review and recommend the 2020 recipients of the Benjamin Franklin Trust Fund Award. Students use what they have learned in the class about grant writing and due diligence in the grantmaking process to evaluate grant proposals submitted by eligible nonprofit organizations. This year, the group awarded a $660 grant to West Chester Public Library and a $340 grant to the Garage Community and Youth Center.

The Erie Community Foundation has announced the creation of a trust aimed at preserving historic buildings in the city. Established by local businessman and preservationist Thomas B. Hagen, the Historic Erie Preservation Trust, a supporting organization of the foundation, will receive historic properties Hagen has been acquiring and restoring in accordance with strict preservation standards. His recent efforts have focused on Erie's West Sixth Street Historic District, which is known locally as "Millionaires Row" and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. While the properties are expected to generate sufficient income to sustain themselves, additional contributions to the trust likely will be needed to acquire and restore other historic structures.


The Communities Foundation of Texas has announced that it has surpassed $2 billion in grantmaking since its establishment in 1953. While it took more than fifty years for the foundation to reach $1 billion in grantmaking, it took only ten years for it to distribute the second billion.


The Seattle Foundation has announced that it is featuring the works of artists from the local community arts organization Wa Na Wari (Kalabari for "Our Home") as part of the foundation's efforts to boost awareness of the increasing gentrification of Seattle's Central District, where African Americans have lived for decades but are being pushed out due to soaring housing costs. The foundation will host a reception at its headquarters on February 27 featuring Wa Na Wari artists Inye Wokoma and Sharita Towne.

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