Community Foundation Update (07/06/19)

Community Foundation Update (07/06/19)


The San Diego Foundation has announced grants totaling $458,454 in support of thirteen programs focused on connecting, protecting, and improving access to nature, especially for the park-poor and underserved communities in the region. Awarded through the foundation's Opening the Outdoors program, the grants will bolster the efforts of nonprofit organizations working to create a more vibrant region by increasing the number of natural amenities in low-income communities, building public support for policies that expand green space, and providing opportunities for youth to engage with the natural environment. Grant recipients include San Diego Canyonlands, the Nature Collective, Indigenous Regeneration, and the Environmental Health Coalition.

The Orange County Community Foundation in Newport Beach has appointed Paul C. Westhead, managing director and CEO of Rimrock Capital Management, to its board of governors.


The Central Indiana Community Foundation in Indianapolis has announced that it is accepting proposals for community crime prevention grants through the end of July. The community crime prevention program is funded with public resources allocated annually by the Indianapolis-Marion County City-County Council and administered by the Indianapolis Foundation, an affiliate of CICF. This year, the criteria for which programs and organizations can apply for a grant has been broadened to include grassroots organizations and requests for capacity-building initiatives and technical assistance. More than $2.5 million will be awarded in this funding cycle in the following categories: long-term crime prevention activities, including activities relating to re-entry ($1 million); short-term crime prevention, crime reduction, and other community outreach activities ($1 million); and capacity-building programs and activities ($557,500).


The Cape Cod Foundation has announced scholarships totaling more than $1 million, including more than $464,000 awarded through the Cape Cod Association, a supporting organization of the foundation. One of the oldest scholarship funds in New England, the CCA is dedicated to assisting students who were born and reside on the cape or one of the nearby islands.


The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has announced grants totaling $1.7 million through the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Legacy Funds in support of sixty-four organizations. Grant recipients include the Chaldean Community Foundation, Friends of the Rouge, Figure Skating in Detroit, and the Grosse Pointe Theatre.


The Omaha Foundation has announced grants totaling $454,000 in support of nearly fifty nonprofit organizations working with African-American and Latino populations. Recipients of grants awarded through the African American Unity Fund, Futuro Latino Funds, and the Omaha Neighborhood Grants program include 100 Black Men of Omaha, the Latino Center of the Midlands, the Global Leadership Group, and Families in Action.


The Permian Basin Area Foundation in Midland has announced $584,817 in scholarships to nearly three hundred students. Since its inception, the foundation has provided grants and scholarships totaling more than $105 million.


The Vermont Community Foundation has announced that eighteen organizations were awarded a total of $48,668 in grants designed to nurture local projects and build social capital. Grant recipients include the Addison Allies Network, the Center for Restorative Justice, Spectrum Youth and Family Services, and the Special Needs Support Center.

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