Community Foundation Update (09/23/17)

Community Foundation Update (09/23/17)


The Silicon Valley Community Foundation has announced the launch of Choose Children 2018, a campaign dedicated to ensuring that all California gubernatorial candidates publicly commit to making high-quality early childhood care and education more accessible and affordable for all. According to the foundation, a range of research demonstrates the importance and the impact of early childhood programs on children in the first five years of life — when a child's brain develops at its fastest rate — and affirms that early childhood development helps kids, benefits the economy, and makes communities safer.

The Community Foundation Santa Cruz County in Aptos has signed a statement from Grantmakers Concerned With Immigrants and Refugees in response to the Trump administration's announcement that it plans to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act and is pledging its support for those affected. CFSCC also joined local nonprofits and public-sector organizations to reaffirm support for the many Dreamers protected under DACA living in the region and to launch We Are Here to Stay Santa Cruz, a website that offers resources and information about informational events and free legal clinics.


The Indianapolis Foundation, an affiliate of the Central Indiana Community Foundation, has announced forty-eight grants totaling more than $2 million in support of organizations working to prevent crime in Marion County. Awarded as part of the Community Crime Prevention grant program, grants ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 were awarded to groups that have demonstrated their ability to effectively prevent violent crimes; serve African-American males between the ages of 14 and 24 in high-crime areas; provide intervention and prevention services to adults or youth currently involved with the criminal justice system; or improve neighborhood safety within the six focus areas designated by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Recipients include the Bloom Project, the Neighborhood Self-Employment Initiative of Indiana, Child Advocates, and the Flanner House of Indianapolis.


The Greater New Orleans Foundation and Mayor Mitch Landrieu have announced that an additional $100,000 was raised for the NOLA Pay it Forward Fund in support of victims of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The GNOF board raised $50,000, which was matched by the Sherry and Alan Leventhal Family Foundation. To date, the fund has distributed $68,000 to local community organizations helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey.


The Boston Foundation has announced that it has pledged support to the Greater Boston Immigrant Defense Fund, a public-private partnership and funding collaborative that seeks to strengthen the region's capacity to protect and defend its many immigrant communities, refugees, and temporary status holders by expanding access to education and legal services. Since the beginning of the year, the foundation has awarded more than $400,000 in support of immigrant rights initiatives.

The Cambridge Community Foundation has announced the addition of six members to its board of directors, boosting the total to twenty-three. The new members include Andrus Baker, Sarah Gallop, Lisa Ijiri, Elizabeth Keating, Mike Shires, and Jonathan L. Walton.

New York

The Gifford Foundation has announced that it is partnering with the Central New York Community Foundation and the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York to launch Story Growing 2.0, a program designed to help nonprofits improve their storytelling culture and skills through intensive workshops, group training, and one-on-one coaching. After a successful pilot effort in 2016, the partners selected seven organizations to explore branding, the types of stories that resonate, and ways to build a storytelling culture. The training will include use of live presentations, videos and photography, and placement of stories in social media.


The University of Oregon has announced that a pair of grants totaling $1.8 million from the Oregon Community Foundation will be used to expand opportunities for UO students and faculty members working to develop environmental policy with nonprofits in the region. A grant of $1 million from OCF's Evergreen Hill Fund will support a five-year expansion of the interdisciplinary research conducted by the UO School of Law's Environmental and Natural Resources Center, while a second grant of $800,000 from OCF's Barbara Bowerman Fund will support a nine-year expansion of the law school's nonprofit clinic, which will convene students in the areas of conflict resolution, business, and planning, public policy, and management with the aim of developing effective solutions for Oregon-based residents.


The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee in Nashville has announced 283 scholarships from more than 114 funds totaling $640,000 to students pursuing higher education at accredited schools in the United States. The scholarships, established by individuals, companies, and civic groups, will assist students with tuition and other school-related expenses.

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