Community Foundation Update (10/24/15)

Community Foundation Update (10/24/15)


The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham has announced a grant of $65,000 to the Birmingham Audubon Society in support of signage projects designed to help visitors identify and appreciate birds in the area. Some of the new locations that birding is expected to spread to are the Birmingham Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Robert Jemison Park, Irondale Furnace, Eastlake Park, Airport Fields, the Ruffner Mountain Nature Center, Lake Purdy, Oak Mountain State Park, and Limestone Park.


The Santa Barbara Foundation has announced that the EnergyPartners Fund, one of its committee-advised funds, has awarded $110,000 in grants in support of programs focused on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. Most of the grants were awarded to elementary and secondary schools in Santa Barbara County, with others going to schools in Fillmore and Nipomo. In addition, a grant was jointly funded by the fund and the Highland Santa Barbara Foundation to support a second year of access to the online Reasoning Mind learning system in the Santa Maria-Bonita School District.

The Calaveras Community Foundation has announced that it has begun making awards from a disaster relief fund established in the wake of the Butte fire, which burned nearly the entire month of September and scorched more than seventy thousand acres of land in Calaveras and Amador counties. The foundation raised more than $150,000 to address needs that FEMA, state and local government, insurance companies, the Red Cross, and other groups were unable to support. Initial grants will be awarded to eight organizations, including the Mountain Ranch Relief Fund, a collaborative effort of several organizations to provide assistance to Butte Fire victims; Calaveras Grown, for erosion control and water system repair; and the Calaveras Fire and Rescue District, to replace street names and addresses destroyed by the fire.


The Cape Cod Foundation has announced that its Falmouth Fund, which serves general needs in the town of Falmouth, has set a December 15 deadline for grant applications. A grantwriting workshop hosted by the foundation and the fund on November 3 will go into more detail about the application process.


The Minneapolis Foundation has announced that its president and CEO, Sandra Vargas, will retire in June 2016. Since 2007, Vargas has led the foundation’s growth, overseeing a 23 percent jump in the number of donor-advised funds managed by the foundation and net asset increases of 22.35 percent. During her tenure, the foundation also doubled its annual grantmaking from less than $37 million to more than $80 million this past year.


The Omaha Foundation has announced the 2016 class of participants in its Nonprofit Capacity Building program. Through the program, ten local nonprofit executives will spend a year determining priorities for their organizations, meeting with peers to discuss and address challenges, and attending sessions designed to strengthen their organizations' board leadership. Upon successful completion of the program, the organizations they represent will each receive a $5,000 grant in support of their capacity-building efforts.


The Dayton Foundation has announced four grants totaling $297,800 to address aging issues. The foundation's second Del Mar Social Innovation Award for Older Adult Programming, which is presented by the DMH-Fund of the foundation, recognizes the best innovations from area nonprofits working to address issues faced by adults age 55 and older. The recipients are The Foodbank ($50,000), the Life Enrichment Center ($92,800), Precious Blood Church ($100,000), and the United Way of Greater Dayton ($55,000).

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