Community Foundation Update (12/24/11)

Community Foundation Update (12/24/11)


Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Caltrain have announced a partnership to bring back the beloved holiday train. The Caltrain Holiday Train presented by SVCF will launch in 2012 to raise money and toys for underserved children. SVCF and Caltrain will work together to encourage communities along the route to participate in the spirit of giving that is at the heart of holiday season, and, as lead sponsor, SVCF will provide strategic and technical fundraising assistance to ensure the future success of the event.

The Santa Barbara Foundation has named Jennifer Murray, Polly Firestone Walker, and Michael G. Mayfield to its board, and named Peter MacDougall as its new board chair.


The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta has announced that its Common Good Funds will move from two funding cycles to one in 2012 while maintaining roughly the same number and dollar value of the grants it awards. The foundation plans to award up to $1.3 million to some thirty organizations in October.


The Chicago Community Trust has named eight fellows for 2012, including five emerging community leaders and three experienced leaders. The emerging leaders will receive $30,000 each to fund their professional development plans, while the three experienced leaders will receive $60,000 each to fund a leave from work and/or further their professional development.


The Central Indiana Community Foundation has announced that "E Pluribus Unum," a proposed public art project by New York-based artist Fred Wilson for the Indianapolis Cultural Trail: A Legacy of Gene & Marilyn Glick, has been canceled following unanimous votes by the boards of directors of both CICF and the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. The decision came after a two-year community input process. Instead, CICF will support a new public art/memorial project on the trail.


The Community Foundation of Louisville has appointed Suzannne Bergmeister and Lopa Mehrotra to its board. In addition, the foundation named Angie McDonald-Hackett as its vice president of community leadership.

New York

The New York Community Trust has announced a $40,000 grant to the Ocean Bay Community Development Corporation, a local group that partners with public housing residents in Far Rockaway on job initiatives. The grant will enable the organization to expand its efforts and connect unemployed residents directly to employers.


The Columbus Foundation has named Michael Fiorile chairman of its governing committee for 2012 and added David P. Blom, C. Robert Kidder, and Dwight Smith to the committee.

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