Community Foundation Update (2/13/16)

Community Foundation Update (2/13/16)


The Santa Barbara Foundation has announced that as part of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival's Film Studies Program, it has hosted dozens of students from local colleges and colleges across the country to watch clips of City of Gold, a documentary about the food critic Jonathan Gold, and talk with the film’s director, Laura Gabbert, about the filmmaking process.

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation has announced the inaugural release of its Investment Manager Diversity Report. In 2012, the foundation made it a priority to engage more people of color and women in the management of its investment portfolios. Each year, the foundation requires its investment consultants to report on the number of women and managers of color their firms have met with, recommended to clients, and hired during the year — as well as those recommended and hired by SVCF. "By monitoring these metrics over time, we expect to see where barriers to sourcing, selecting, and hiring diverse managers may be occurring," said Bert Feuss, SVCF's senior vice president of investments. "If all foundations and endowed institutions were to require this level of transparency from their investment advisors, we could collectively begin to see and address institutionalized race and gender biases across the field."


The Boston Foundation has announced grants totaling $125,000 from its 2015-16 Food and Fuel Fund, which supports local efforts to feed, warm, and house individuals most in need during the winter. Grant totals included $85,000 in direct fuel and energy assistance, weatherization services, and advocacy; $15,000 in support of the warming center at Bridge Over Troubled Waters; and $25,000 for food and nutrition services.


The Cleveland Foundation has announced that the local branch of the Columbus-based Economic and Community Development Institute will dive deeper into Cleveland's distressed neighborhoods this year. ECDI provides loans of up to $50,000 to help underfunded entrepreneurs. When the program launched in Cleveland in 2012, local microenterprises faced an estimated $38 million loan shortfall. Between its arrival and January 2015, ECDI's Cleveland office made more than $5.2 million in loans to more than a hundred small businesses in Northeast Ohio, creating 251 new jobs and retaining 267 existing jobs, while helping to close the loan gap by approximately $5 million.

The Columbus Foundation has announced that its Allen Eiry Fund has awarded twelve grants totaling $170,725 to organizations serving elderly residents in Seneca County. Recipients include the Allen Eiry Senior Center, Good Shepherd Home, St. Francis Senior Ministries, and the Tiffin-Seneca Public Library.


The Oklahoma City Community Foundation has announced that its 2015 Scholarship Match awarded contributions totaling $480,826 to eighty-two endowment funds. With the foundation's match of $290,750, the foundation’s scholarship endowments increased by $771,576, enabling them to provide an additional $38,000 in awards in 2016.


The Vermont Community Foundation in Middlebury has announced that it awarded more than $16.7 million in grants during 2015, the majority of which were directed by individuals, families, and businesses working through the foundation. In addition, more than $1 million of the total was awarded by the foundation through staff-guided programs.

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