Conservation Fund Receives $1 Million From U-Haul for Carbon Offset Program

The Conservation Fund has announced a $1 million gift from U-Haul customers to its Go Zero� program.

Since 2007, U-Haul has partnered with the fund on the program, which lets customers make a donation at checkout to offset carbon emissions generated from their in-town and out-of-town moves. In the two years since the partnership began, nearly 290,000 U-Haul customers have chosen to offset their emissions, in turn helping the Conservation Fund plant 133,000 oak, hickory, and pecan trees at the Marais des Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge in Kansas and the Red River National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana. The trees will trap more than 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide as they mature while helping to restore the habitat, air, and water quality of the wildlife refuges.

"By leveraging our human, technical, financial, and business resources, U-Haul and our customers have made a real difference in protecting the environment and mitigating our greenhouse gas emissions," said U-Haul International president John Taylor. "U-Haul customers should be applauded for their support of the Conservation Fund and for benefiting the communities where we live and serve."

"U-Haul Customers Give $1 Million to Charity." Conservation Fund Press Release 06/22/2009.