Cooper Union Receives $5 Million for New Academic Building

Sandra Priest Rose, wife of the late New York City builder Frederick P. Rose, has pledged $5 million over three years to Cooper Union toward construction of a new academic building, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The gift is the largest that Mrs. Rose, a trustee of the Manhattan-based college since last year, has made since her husband's death in 1999. The new structure at Cooper Union, which is tuition-free and focuses on art, architecture, and engineering, will house the two-hundred-seat Frederick P. Rose Auditorium. "My husband felt there never was enough performance space in New York," said Mrs. Rose.

During his lifetime, Frederick Rose made a number of large gifts to some of the city's biggest cultural institutions, including $20 million to the American Museum of Natural History for the Rose Center for Earth and Space and $15 million to renovate the New York Public Library's reading room, and was known for carefully supervising the nonprofit building projects he funded.

Elizabeth Bernstein. "Rose Hall" Wall Street Journal 05/27/2005.