Cullen Family Gives $15 Million to UT-Houston

The Cullen family, esteemed for its Houston-area philanthropy, has announced a total of $15 million in gifts to the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston to help construct a new research facility for the school's department of molecular medicine.

The Cullen Foundation, which was founded in 1947 by Houston oilman Hugh Roy Cullen, committed $10 million, while the Cullen Trust for Higher Education pledged $2 million and the Cullen Trust for Health Care pitched in with a $3 million gift to UT-Houston's New Frontiers Campaign. UT-Houston hopes to raise a total of $200 million to build and equip a new research building for its Institute of Molecular Medicine for the Prevention of Human Diseases (IMM). With the Cullen donations, the campaign, which was launched last month with a $20 million contribution from the Houston-based Brown Foundation, now has raised a total of nearly $50 million.

"We are enormously honored and grateful for the Cullen family's generous show of support for the New Frontiers campaign.... They have given much to our institution, to the Texas Medical Center and to other universities in Houston," said UT-Houston president James T. Willerson. "And their generosity to the IMM will help ensure that our city stays at the forefront of medical science."

"Cullen Family Foundations Give $15 Million to UT-Houston Building Campaign" University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Press Release 04/18/2002.