CZI awards $4.7 million for open source software, science

CZI awards $4.7 million for open source software, science

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has announced grants totaling $4.7 million in support of open source software and reproducible open science research.

Through its Essential Open Source Software for Science (EOSS) program, the philanthropy established by Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, awarded $3 million in support of seventeen biomedical open source software projects. Grant recipients include Galaxy, a Web-based computational workbench with a large scientific and institutional following; Read the Docs, which works to flatten the learning curve for open source software and make documentation for scientific Python packages more accessible and interoperable; and Apache Arrow, a cross-language development program for in-memory analytics with a large genomics research user base.

In addition, CZI awarded a total of $1.7 million to three organizations working to advance reproducibility practices and open research infrastructure. The awards include a grant of more than $1.4 million to the International Interactive Computing Collaboration (2i2c), which plans to host interactive computing infrastructure built on the Jupyter Notebook platform, allowing users to combine live code, equations, narrative text, and rich media into a single Web page; a grant of $230,564 to Reproducibility for Everyone, which runs workshops for life sciences researchers focused on reproducibility tools and best practices; and a grant of $80,000 to Invest in Open Infrastructure, a nonprofit initiative dedicated to helping others invest in scientific open technology.

"Hundreds of software packages, libraries, and applications have become essential tools for research — so much so that many researchers could not continue their work if such software were to disappear," said CZI head of science Cori Bargmann. "We're proud to support these critical open source projects to ensure the work of software maintainers is visible, recognized, and fundable."

For a complete list of EOSS grants, see the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative website.

(Photo credit: Scott Murphy)