Dalio Philanthropies awards $50 million to NewYork-Presbyterian

Dalio Philanthropies awards $50 million to NewYork-Presbyterian

NewYork-Presbyterian has announced a $50 million commitment from Dalio Philanthropies in support of a new health center and efforts to improve health equity and drive measurable improvements in health outcomes for all.

The Dalio Center for Health Justice will bring together experts in diverse fields to fuel change and support health justice among NYP team members, patients, communities, and, ultimately, in local and national policy. To that end, the center will work to address health disparities through research, health education, and programs that foster equity in clinical operations and enhance the delivery of culturally competent care. 

With the aim of producing tangible solutions to persistent health disparities, the center will conduct a comprehensive analysis of social determinants of health, create a robust and diverse health equity database to inform its work in developing community-based initiatives, advocate locally and nationally for change, and seek additional funding for its efforts. The center also will examine and address unconscious bias in medicine and clinical trials; inaugurate a Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity Symposium to encourage discussions across the institution; highlight faculty research and innovations; and provide a career development forum for underrepresented minority fellows and residents.

"The COVID-19 pandemic exposed enduring health inequities in a new and alarming way, and the importance of health justice has never been clearer," said Julia Iyasere, who will head the center. "We are committed to improving the health and well-being of our patients and communities through research, dialogue and education, equity in our clinical operations, investment in our communities and advocacy for national change."

"Our goal is to contribute to equal healthcare and equal education because we believe that these are the most fundamental building blocks of equal opportunity and a just society," said Dalio Philanthropies co-founder and NYP trustee Ray Dalio. "We know that these don’t adequately exist, and we are excited to have a great partner in NewYork-Presbyterian, who we are confident will find ways to achieve more health justice."

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