Dallas Baptist University Awarded $5.5 Million Challenge Grant

A gift from the family of the late Ruth Ray Hunt will provide up to $5.5 million in matching funds to Dallas Baptist University to improve the 4,500-student school, the Baptist Standard reports.

The Hunt family previously provided funds to DBU to develop a master plan to help the school move "from good to great" over the next ten years, said university president Gary Cook. The money raised by DBU and matched by the Hunts will help the school to carry out that plan, and to hire, train, and retain high-quality administrators; recruit and retain faculty; establish new scholarships and financial aid to increase enrollment by one thousand students; enhance the spiritual life of students through a lecture series, cultural events, and trips abroad; and erect additional buildings on the South Dallas campus.

During Hunt's lifetime, she served as a trustee of the school, volunteered her time there, and donated generously. She helped work out the terms of this most recent gift before her death in 1999. Cook acknowledged that it would be difficult to raise the matching funds. "But we've got five years to do it, so it doesn't all have to be done right away," he said.