Daniels Fund Awarded $58.8 Million in 2016

The Denver-based Daniels Fund has announced that it awarded grants and scholarships totaling $58.8 million in 2016, bringing its total giving since its inception in 2000 to more than $700 million.

The total for 2016 includes $41.4 million in grants to nonprofit organizations in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, as well as to select national organizations. The total also included $17.4 million in scholarships across the four-state region through two programs: the Daniels Scholarship Program, which provides college scholarships to deserving high school seniors, and the Boundless Opportunity Scholarship program, which provides funding to participating colleges to offer scholarships to nontraditional students.

"We look forward to the impact these grants and scholarships will have across our four-state region," said Daniels Fund president and CEO Linda Childears. "It was important to Bill Daniels for the Daniels Fund to give back to citizens of these states that contributed so much to his success in business."