Davidson Receives $1.2 Million to Augment Focus on Justice, Equality

Davidson College in North Carolina has announced a $1.2 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in support of its efforts to encourage broader public discussion, active citizenship, and global problem-solving.

Those efforts are focused on the concepts of justice, equality, and community. In addition to empowering faculty members to learn new skills, the grant will fund a broad range of activities, including collaborative faculty-student research, the development of trans-departmental courses, student research assistants, and travel.

"This grant will be used to continue Davidson's investments in core values of the liberal arts," said Wendy Raymond, the college's vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty. "But most important, it will facilitate our students' ability to understand power structure inequalities across history and in light of the challenges that our nation and our world continue to face."

"We face formidable challenges to social mobility and racial equality in our region and around the world," said Davidson College president Carol Quillen. "Davidson prepares students to work toward a just future by cultivating humane instincts and disciplined, creative minds. This generous gift will allow us to bolster those efforts and demonstrate the critical role of humanistic inquiry in public discourse, citizenship, and democratic leadership."