DDCF Awards $8.2 Million for Promising Physician-Scientists

The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation has announced the seventeen recipients of its 2016 Clinical Scientist Development Awards.

The program provides funding to physician- scientists who are one to five years into their first faculty appointment to support their transitions to independent research careers. Engaged in a broad range of areas, from HIV studies in Africa to the use of brain imaging as a tool in understanding psychiatric disorders, this year's awardees will receive up to $495,000 each over three years to conduct research and establish a laboratory. One awardee, Jaehyuk Choi, will be co-funded by the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation for his study of the role of T-cell receptor signaling in T-cell lymphoma.

"Physician-scientists' work as healthcare providers supplies them with invaluable insights into the study of human disease, which is why it is crucial to support them," said Betsy Myers, program director for medical research at DDCF. "They often experience difficulties balancing research and clinical duties during the early stages of their careers. With the Clinical Scientist Development Awards, we hope to balance their ability to pursue clinical research at this critical time in their careers, so that they can continue to make important contributions to the field over the long term."

For a complete list of the awardees, see the DDCF website.

"DDCF Awards a Total of $8.2M to Promising Physician Scientists." Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Press Release 07/21/2016.