Delta Air Lines, Conservation Fund Launch Carbon Offset Program

Delta Air Lines has announced the launch of a carbon-offset program through a partnership with the Arlington, Virginia-based Conservation Fund.

The Atlanta-based company will make it possible for Delta passengers to give back to the environment by buying trees to help offset carbon emissions associated with air travel. Through the program, Delta customers can direct $5.50 for each domestic round-trip flight and $11 for each international round-trip flight for tree-planting efforts in United States and abroad; a small portion of each gift will support the Conservation Fund's education and outreach efforts. To inaugurate the partnership, which is a component of Delta's Force for Global Good initiative, the airline has pledged to plant a tree for each of its more than 47,000 employees, beginning this fall.

Delta also announced a comprehensive on-board recycling program that goes beyond traditional aluminum can recycling to include all aluminum, plastic, and paper products — newspapers, snack containers, soda cans, water bottles, and other items — on domestic flights into Atlanta; proceeds from the expanded program will continue to benefit Habitat for Humanity, which is based in Americus, Georgia.

"Many of our customers and employees worldwide are passionate about global environmental issues," said Jim Whitehurst, the airline's chief operating officer. "And Delta is committed to providing a platform to enable them to take action."