eBay Foundation Launches Online Giving Campaign

The eBay Foundation has announced an online campaign to generate broad financial support for the provision of new books to low-income children, build a safe haven for mistreated animals, and supply access to clean, safe water in poverty-stricken countries.

The goal of the campaign, called Community Gives, is to encourage eBay users to donate to one of three nonprofits selected to participate: First Book, Best Friends Animal Society, and Oxfam America. The foundation will kick-start the campaign by donating $1 million to be divided evenly among the three nonprofits and an additional dollar for every individual who makes a contribution. Individuals can donate through PayPal or by selling with eBay Giving Works, both of which will waive all donation-related fees.

With the support of Community Gives, First Book will be able to reach up to an additional sixty thousand literacy programs serving children in need, while Best Friends will build a Puppy Care Center for abused, abandoned, and neglected puppies. With the contributions it receives, Oxfam America will help supply clean water and sanitation to rural areas in Zambia and Ethiopia while providing access to new, safe water supplies through the development of sink wells and boreholes, upgrades to existing water sources, latrines for communities and schools, and training on how to manage the equipment and sustain the water supplies.

"The Community Gives campaign underscores the fact that there is power in numbers," said eBay Foundation program manager Julie Vennewitz-Pierce. "Individually, each of us can make a difference. However, by working together we can potentially accomplish far more than we ever could alone. Community Gives is designed to tap into the passion and commitment of the eBay user community, and I am confident that by working together we can make a significant impact on three inspiring causes."