Education Above All Awards Scholarships to Students in Gaza

Education Above All in Doha, Qatar, has announced four-year scholarships totaling more than $10.8 million through its Al Fakhoora program to students living in the Gaza Strip.

The scholarships can be used by recipients to attend university either in Gaza or, in some cases, abroad and will help them build a better and more peaceful future for themselves, their families, and their communities. According to EAA, which is chaired by 2013 Carnegie Philanthropy Medal honoree Sheika Moza bint Nasser, the investment represents the largest intake ever for Al Fakhoora's scholarship program, Dynamic Futures, which is operated through a partnership with the United Nations Development Program's Assistance to the Palestinian People. Based on merit and leadership potential, the scholarships will be distributed across a range of academic specialties, according to demand in the job market.

In the belief that education is a key driver of human development and that its provision is vital for the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 4 — universal access to education — Al Fakhoora is part of a multifaceted approach by EAA, which was established in 2012, to ensure that all children and young people, especially those in the poorest and most marginalized communities, can access quality education.

"Greater investment in education is vital for a peaceful future in Gaza, the Middle East, and all communities disrupted by conflict. We are expanding our Dynamic Futures scholarship program in areas of the most need," said EAA program director for Al Fakhoora Farooq Burney. "We are calling for the international development community to support us in our efforts in Gaza and in areas affected by the Syrian civil war. Now is the time to invest in educating our young people. A more peaceful future depends on it."