Elton John AIDS Foundation Awards $3.4 Million in Grants

The New York City-based Elton John AIDS Foundation has announced a second round of 2011 grants to organizations working in the areas of HIV prevention, stigma reduction, direct care, and programs that help people living with HIV/AIDS.

Grants totaling more than $3.4 million were awarded to thirteen projects in the Caribbean ($845,249), Latin America ($150,000), and the southern United States ($150,000), and to assist underserved populations such as injection drug users ($1.09 million), men who have sex with men ($400,000), African Americans ($200,000), and youth ($75,000). In addition, three grants totaling $125,000 were awarded for treatment, research, and information projects.

The largest grant in this funding round was awarded to the Syringe Access Fund, which received a two-year, $1 million commitment. "Numerous scientific studies have incontrovertibly established that syringe exchange is a highly effective method for helping injection drug users significantly reduce their risk of becoming infected with HIV and other bloodborne diseases and transmitting these diseases to others," said EJAF executive director Scott Campbell. "Studies have also clearly demonstrated that syringe exchange programs help to remove contaminated needles and syringes from community streets, playgrounds, and other public areas and to encourage drug users to avail themselves of other health and social services, including drug rehabilitation and treatment programs. By helping addicts to preserve their health and prevent the spread of HIV, we serve both the best interests of the individual and the health and welfare of the community at large."

For a full list of grant recipients, visit the EJAF Web site.

"EJAF October 2011 Grants." Elton John AIDS Foundation Press Release 10/18/2011.