Facebook Launches Community Leadership Program

Facebook Launches Community Leadership Program

Facebook has announced a $10 million global initiative aimed at investing in people who are building communities using Facebook apps and services.

Announced at the Facebook Communities Summit in London, the Facebook Community Leadership Program will include $10 million in residency and fellowship opportunities, with up to five community leaders in residence receiving up to $1 million each for their proposals, and as many as a hundred fellows receiving up to $50,000 each for a specific community initiative.

The social media company also will convene local leaders through Community Leadership Circles and will strengthen its Groups for Facebook Power Admins, adding new tools for group administrators and members and expanding its London-based engineering team, with a focus on detecting and stopping fake accounts, preventing harassment and scams, and providing better tools for users to report inappropriate content.

"We are looking for communities that provide meaning to the people that are in them, we are looking for initiatives that drive positive impact, and we are looking for communities that have both online and offline components," Jennifer Dulski, Facebook's head of groups and community, told Reuters.

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