Final Clinton Global Initiative Meeting Highlights Impact, Legacy

As the twelfth and final meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative comes to a close in New York City, former President Bill Clinton and his team are focused on highlighting the impact and legacy of the more than thirty-six hundred commitments to action made through the initiative since 2005.

An initiative of the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, CGI has been a platform for celebrities and leaders from the private, public, and nongovernmental sectors to showcase partnerships designed to benefit millions of people around the world in areas ranging from global health to women's empowerment. But with Hillary Clinton's presidential run bringing increased scrutiny of the Clinton Foundation's activities and calls for the Clintons to cut their ties to the foundation, Bill Clinton announced last month that, regardless of the election outcome, the annual CGI meetings would be discontinued.

Commitments announced at the opening day of the annual event on Monday included efforts to address the refugee crisis and contain the Zika outbreak. On Tuesday, groups updating their progress on previous commitments included a coalition of more than thirty partners working to address gender gaps and advance the gender-related targets of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, an initiative to provide pathways to social entrepreneurship for young leaders, and an initiative to support cities committed to driving change in the field of mental health.

"I think the way to end this is not on a nostalgia trip, but doing what we set up to do," said Clinton in his opening remarks. "Which is just keep working to push the ball forward."'

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