First Lady Pledges Support for Philanthropic Partnerships

At a one-day White House-sponsored conference on philanthropy on January 11, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) pledged to help build partnerships between government, nonprofits, and the corporate sector, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

As she ends her term as First Lady, Clinton reiterated her commitment to public-private partnerships and stressed their importance to the fight against poverty, hunger, homelessness, and other social problems.

"One of the goals I have as senator is to continue to be active in philanthropy," Clinton said. "I know full well that unless we have a strong philanthropic foundation and unless we have a public-private sector partnership, much of what we had hoped to accomplish will not be achievable."

Sara Melendez, president of Independent Sector , a national coalition of nonprofits, foundations, and corporations, noted that the roles of the public and private sectors are shifting.

"As the roles of the sectors have changed, with government devolving more roles and responsibilities and privatizing some traditional government services," Melendez said, "it has become more important than ever for the nonprofit sector to work collaboratively with government and the business sector."

Rebecca Cox. "Partnerships Make Philanthropy Achievable, Senator Clinton Says" Atlanta Journal-Constitution 01/12/2001.