Foundation Center and GuideStar Join Forces

Foundation Center and GuideStar Join Forces

Foundation Center and GuideStar, the leading sources of information about philanthropy and nonprofits, are joining forces to become a new nonprofit entity named Candid.

Building on more than eighty-five years of combined experience, Candid will enable new kinds of transparency about who is working where in the world and on what issues, promote data standards and tools designed to accelerate knowledge sharing, and enhance collaboration in the social sector. By integrating data and findings from nonprofits, foundations, institutional funders, governments, and tech companies, Candid will provide the sector with insights and analysis across a broad range of activity.

Bradford Smith, previously president of Foundation Center, will be president of Candid; Jacob Harold, previously president and CEO of GuideStar, will be executive vice president.

Leading the board will be co-chairs Clotilde Perez-Bode Dedecker, who has served as chair of Foundation Center and serves as president and CEO of the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, and Mari Kuraishi, who served as chair of GuideStar and is the new president of the Jessie Ball duPont Fund. Prior to joining the fund, Kuraishi was the co-founder and president of GlobalGiving.

The Bill & Melinda GatesCharles Stewart MottWilliam and Flora Hewlett foundations, and other supporters provided nearly $27 million to fund the costs of creating Candid, while the Lodestar Foundation and Fidelity Charitable Trustees' Initiative provided early-stage funding for feasibility studies and legal services.

The organization will have offices in New York City, Williamsburg, Virginia, Washington, D.C., the San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, and Cleveland, as well as data and research partners in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America. It is also increasing investment in its Funding Information Network of more than four hundred library and nonprofit resource centers around the country.

"We are combining operations to fulfill a shared vision: connecting people who want to change the world with the resources they need to succeed," said Smith. "Our name, Candid, speaks to our deep historical legacy of telling the story of foundations and nonprofits in a fair and objective manner as well as our renewed commitment to provide trusted data and knowledge for the sector."

"Candid is a new organization, but it is rooted in eight decades of experience in and connection to the nonprofit community," said Harold. "With billions of pieces of data and millions of users, Candid will have the scale to weave together the stories of changemakers around the world. Our combined data and networks will allow us to understand the current state of the field in new ways. But, more importantly, Candid will be positioned to help the field imagine better ways of working for a better future."

Planned initiatives include integrating databases to enable more inclusive search results; enabling results-driven analysis based on improved program data; expanding and accelerating the adoption of data standards across the field; driving a common profile — and, eventually, a common grant application and reporting framework — by providing a consistent data framework, a next-generation distribution system, and place-based campaigns; providing people working in the social sector with opportunities to develop skills that help them succeed; creating social functionality, including "give lists" and deeper integration into social media platforms; developing a technology and knowledge-driven marketplace for RFPs; creating a fundraising planning tool for nonprofits; and directly integrating data and analysis into the tools that nonprofits, foundations, and their partners use every day.

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