Foundation Center, CDP Update Disaster Philanthropy Research

To mark the release of the second edition of Measuring the State of Disaster Philanthropy 2015: Data to Drive Decisions (28 pages, PDF), Foundation Center and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy have announced the launch of an online dashboard and interactive funding map.

The online tools, which enable users to view and interact with data streams from six global sources, provide a detailed picture of how institutional philanthropy is situated within the broader disaster and humanitarian crisis-funding landscape, while also helping donors, NGOs, government agencies, and media understand the scale of global disaster-relief philanthropy. Among other things, the dashboard, which features aggregated 2013 funding data, enables users to filter chart results by disaster type, disaster assistance strategy, and geographic area. Through the mapping platform, users can generate custom maps and lists of funders and recipients, view organizational profiles, and drill down to individual grant and project details.

"Preparing and responding to disasters is an enormously challenging task that no single organization or sector can accomplish on its own," said Robert G. Ottenhoff, president and CEO of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. "These resources help foundations understand where their contributions fit within the mosaic of funding in order to maximize impact and avoid duplication and imbalances. This knowledge is invaluable to those giving to disaster-related activities, which require close consultation and cooperation among the various parties to ensure the greatest impact among those most in need of help."

According to Measuring the State of Disaster Philanthropy 2015, a total of $27.6 billion was given in response to disasters and humanitarian crises in 2013, the majority of it directed to immediate response and relief efforts. While the lion's share of the total was contributed by government donors and agencies, with FEMA alone accounting for $11 billion, the report also found that the largest thousand U.S. foundations awarded $116.9 million, with an additional $60.1 million provided by smaller foundations, public charities, and international foundations. Outside the U.S., aid from the twenty-nine members of the OECD's Development Assistance Committee (DAC) totaled $13.6 billion, while another $2.4 billion was awarded by non-DAC donors and multilateral organizations.

"The importance of this data in learning about the practices of funders cannot be underestimated," said Foundation Center president Bradford K. Smith. "Ultimately, if we can provide knowledge that leads to strategic decision making, it will increase the effectiveness of disaster-related giving."

"New Tools for Exploring Disaster Funding From Foundations and Other Sources." Foundation Center, Center for Disaster Philanthropy Press Release 11/12/2015.