Foundation Center Launches Youth Giving Website

Foundation Center has announced a new website designed to inspire, connect, and inform youth grantmaking.

Around the globe, young people are transforming their communities by making grants — more than $14 million since 2001 — to causes they're passionate about. is a unique gathering place where young people and adults interested in grantmaking can explore stories of giving, learn from experts, and discover opportunities to raise their voices. Created with support from the Andrus Family Fund, Leading to Change, and the Frieda C. Fox Family, Conrad N. Hilton, Charles Stewart Mott, and Tarsadia foundations, the website offers resources to help young philanthropists identify and apply best practices, share knowledge and their experiences, find potential partners, develop their leadership and philanthropy skills, and explore hundreds of youth grantmaking programs and thousands of youth-directed grants. Visitors to the site can explore a funding map and program directory, ask a question of youth giving experts or be featured as an expert themselves, and/or browse reports, articles, and multimedia resources.

"Youth are making grants through more than eight hundred programs around the world. Most of these young people are not independently wealthy, but their voices and passion wield incredible power," said Jen Bokoff, Foundation Center's director of knowledge services. "They're conducting needs assessments, releasing requests for proposals, and making grant decisions. gives these changemakers a platform for amplifying their expertise, connecting across programs, and strengthening practice."

"Youth Giving Becomes a Philanthropic Force." Foundation Center Press Release 06/27/2016.