Foundation Center, Media Impact Funders Launch Media Funding Tool

Media Impact Funders and Foundation Center have announced the launch of a new mapping and research tool that reveals the full scope of philanthropically funded media projects worldwide since 2009.

Unveiled at MIF's annual Media Impact Forum, the map includes an array of search functions and data visualization features designed to make it easy to explore funding trends, funder networks, types of grantmaking, and populations served. A follow-up to an earlier map, updated taxonomy, and report, the new tool features greatly expanded data, improved search options and filters, downloadable charts, and a "constellation" tool that shows the relationships between funders, grantees, and grants.

"Media is one of the most powerful tools for social change, and philanthropy is using media to address pressing global challenges in remarkable and diverse ways," said Vince Stehle, executive director of Media Impact Funders. "Whether supporting mobile banking platforms to address global poverty, strategic communications to address healthcare disparities, or documentary film on critical environmental issues, media is at the nexus of funders' work, and this new map shows how central media has become to a broad network of philanthropic strategies across all funding areas."

"Media Impact Funders and Foundation Center Announce New Mapping Tool for Media and Philanthropy." Media Impact Funders and Foundation Center Press Release 06/28/2016.