Fund for Shared Insight Awards $5.3 Million to Improve Philanthropy

The Fund for Shared Insight, a collaborative effort launched in September by seven foundations, has announced a first round of grants totaling $5.26 million to foster knowledge sharing and learning in the social sector.

Led by the William and Flora Hewlett and Ford foundations, with the Packard, JPB, Rita Allen, and Kellogg foundations and Liquidnet as initial funding partners, the fund awarded fourteen grants ranging from one to three years in duration to encourage nonprofit organizations to incorporate feedback from the people they seek to help and connect that feedback to better results; foster more openness between and among foundations and their grantees; and share lessons learned more broadly.

Seven nonprofits, including the Center for Employment Opportunities, Feedback Labs, and YouthTruth, a project of the Center for Effective Philanthropy, were awarded grants to advance the use of feedback loops in the sector; Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago and Urban Institute and Feeding America were awarded grants to identify how feedback data can best be collected and what types of data can serve as leading indicators of change; and five nonprofits, including Exponent Philanthropy, Foundation Center, and GiveWell, will receive support to boost foundation openness in the service of increased effectiveness.

"We are thrilled with the interest our open call for proposals has generated as evidenced by the almost two hundred proposals received, and the hundreds of organizations that have emailed us and participated in our open conference calls about the requests for proposals," said Shared Insight project manager Melinda Tuan. "We expect to learn a lot with and from our selected grantees' efforts and look forward to sharing the learning along the way."

"Fund for Shared Insight Announces $5.26 Million in Awards to Improve Philanthropy." Fund for Shared Insight Press Release 11/20/2014.