Gates Foundation Awards $20 Million to Duke Global Health Institute

Gates Foundation Awards $20 Million to Duke Global Health Institute

Duke University has announced a $20 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in support of efforts by the Duke Global Health Institute to address global health challenges, including the spread of infectious diseases such as Ebola and MERS.

The grant includes $10 million in endowment funds to sustain the growth of the institute and its efforts to educate a new generation of global health leaders and experts and build research capacity from Durham to Delhi. The remaining $10 million will be used to match, on a one-to-one basis, additional gifts aimed at enhancing global health education at Duke; recruiting and supporting Duke faculty who work across disciplines and schools to address global health challenges; bolstering student financial aid; and strengthening the institute's partnerships with organizations and institutions in Haiti, Kenya, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.

Launched in 2006, DGHI works to address issues such as access to care, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, and cancer in underserved communities in North Carolina. The institute also is involved in more than three hundred projects in fifty-four countries.

"I'm excited that our support can help to increase the visibility of the institute as well as raise the capacity of the global health sector," said Gates Foundation co-chair Melinda Gates, a Duke alumna.

"This significant gift enables us to continue to build and share our expertise in medical education, biomedical research, and innovative care delivery in some of the neediest areas globally," said A. Eugene Washington, chancellor for health affairs at Duke University and president and CEO of the Duke University Health System. "In collaboration with partners like the Gates Foundation, we will strengthen our work to address disparities and improve healthcare access and outcomes across the world."