Gates Foundation Awards 'Grand Challenges Explorations' Grants

Gates Foundation Awards 'Grand Challenges Explorations' Grants

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has announced a new round of grants through its Grand Challenges Explorations initiative.

In Round 23 of the initiative, Phase I grants of $100,000 over eighteen months were awarded to twenty-nine researchers in twelve countries working to use emerging technologies to develop new solutions to global health problems, boost the demand for vaccinations, and study the environmental niches of salmonella typhi.

Recipients include Hasan Uludag of RJH Biosciences Inc. (Edmonton, Canada), who is working to develop an affordable immunotherapy system based on genome-integrating transposons for the treatment of diseases such as cancer and diabetes; Ernest Darhok of BroadReach (Cape Town, South Africa), who will use mobile technology to improve access to child immunization services for populations living on the Kenya-Uganda border and ensure that all children in the region are fully vaccinated; and Windy Tanner and Jim VanDerslice of the University of Utah, who, with colleagues from the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology in Pakistan, will analyze water samples to determine the conditions that promote the survival of the typhoid fever-causing bacterium salmonella typhi and identify gene exchanges from other microbial species that could produce a drug-resistant strain of the bacterium.

For a complete list of grant recipients, see the Global Grand Challenges website.

(Photo credit: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

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