GE Foundation Awards $1.5 Million for Disabled American Veterans

The GE Foundation, the philanthropic arm of General Electric, has announced a two-year, $1.5 million grant to Disabled American Veterans to expand the DAV transition service program.

The grant enables the organization to hire additional staff, provide outreach into medium-size military and naval bases, and offer additional resources at bases already covered by the program, which offers free benefits, counseling, and claim-filing assistance to troops about to return to civilian life. With the grant, DAV will be able to reach a greater number of America's youngest troops at the earliest stage of transition to civilian life. The program will focus on troops whose disabilities are related to their military or naval service.

"GE's support for the DAV's transition service program will help ensure that the men and women leaving the military will have access to the full range of benefits they have earned through their service and sacrifice for our country," said Arthur H. Wilson, national adjutant and CEO of the DAV. "What GE's generosity means is that the DAV's mission of service and hope will reach both today's and tomorrow's veterans."