GE Foundation Donates $4 Million to Robin Hood Foundation for Sandy Relief

The GE Foundation has announced a $4 million donation to the Robin Hood Foundation in support of Superstorm Sandy relief and recovery efforts in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

The funds will support longer-term housing, physical and mental health services, foodbanks, and local economic recovery in communities where the need is greatest. The latest donation by the foundation, which also is supporting the charitable efforts of GE employees and retirees with a 100 percent match of donations to select relief organizations, boosts its support for relief and recovery efforts to more than $5.8 million. Separate from the foundation, the company itself supported the 12/12/12 Concert for Sandy Relief at the $500,000 level.

"Since our initial $1.25 million donation in the days following Hurricane Sandy, we have been staying in touch with national and local nonprofit organizations to understand where GE might be able to do more," said GE Foundation president Bob Corcoran. "We know from our experience with other disasters, including Hurricane Katrina, the 9/11 attacks, and now Hurricane Sandy, that often the greatest need is surfaced long after the immediate shock wears off. That is often when some of the harder work begins. Our employees, customers, and neighbors were affected by this storm, and we know that the work of the Robin Hood Foundation will help the community at large cope with the aftermath of Sandy."