George Family Foundation Announces $2.67 Million in Grants

George Family Foundation Announces $2.67 Million in Grants

The Minneapolis-based George Family Foundation has announced grants totaling $2.675 million to sixteen organizations.

Recipients include the Mayo Clinic, which was awarded $2 million that, combined with an endowment gift, will be used to create a Center for Women's Health. Other recipients include Tergar International, which was awarded $90,000 in support of mindfulness training and improvements to its Web-based educational systems; End in Mind, which will receive $75,000 to study how people would like to live the last part of their lives; and Global Citizen Year, which was awarded $100,000 in support of need-based scholarships for gap-year students in Minnesota and Dallas.

"Our gift represents a significant investment in shifting the ways women interact with health care at Mayo Clinic, one of the premier healthcare institutions in the U.S.," said Penny George, who established the foundation with her husband, Bill, in 1994. "Mayo has long been known for its executive health program. This program will mirror the success of that approach but take it a step further. The focus will be not only on women but also on integrative health and healing practices that will go hand in hand with traditional medicine — an approach we've been advancing through our work over the past two decades."

(Photo credit: Mayo Clinic)

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