Giving Day Website Issues Affect Dozens of Campaigns

Giving Day Website Issues Affect Dozens of Campaigns

Individual Giving Day campaigns across the country experienced website problems on Tuesday that led to significant declines in the number of donations and caused some to extend their campaigns for another day.

Pittsburgh was among the more than fifty locations that experienced technology glitches during the day, leading eventually to the suspension of its Day of Giving, which will be rescheduled, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. The problems, which prevented tens of thousands of donors from completing their transactions on Day of Giving websites, were blamed on Kimbia, an Austin-based fundraising and crowdfunding firm that provided the online platform for many of the events.

"We were on track in the first few hours to raise $1.5 million until the technical issues occurred," said Pittsburgh Foundation president and CEO Max King in a statement. "We understand the frustration that Pittsburgh-area nonprofits and their donors are feeling with this disruption, and we're sure that the scores of other organizations across the country coordinating through the fundraising firm are feeling it as well," King added. "We look forward to re-scheduling this event as soon as possible to provide our region with a charitable online donation experience that is worthy of the record-setting generous spirit of all the people and organizations that participate in this event." The foundation also announced that it would add $100,000 in incentives to the $100,000 already in place.

In South Carolina, Lowcountry Giving Day extended its effort to noon on Wednesday and posted a pledge total of more than $4.1 million. According to WCIV in Charleston, the campaign had numerous slow periods, which led local technology company BIDR to triple its server capacity to meet demand. Charleston Animal Society CEO Joe Elmore told WCIV that the server often was down during peak times.

Elsewhere, the GiveBig campaign in Seattle was extended a full day. With more than eleven hours left, the campaign had raised $13.1 million toward its $20 million goal. "At its core, GiveBig is about the community coming together to make an impact, and we are confident the community will rally with us to support the critical work underway to make Greater Seattle a stronger, more vibrant community for all," said Seattle Foundation CEO Tony Mestres. "The challenge we faced is one of technology, not generosity."

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