Gladstone Institutes Receive $4.25 Million for Biomedical Research

Gladstone Institutes Receive $4.25 Million for Biomedical Research

The San Francisco-based J. David Gladstone Institutes have announced a gift of $4.25 million from Eva and William S. Price III, the retired co-founder of what became TPG Capital, to support the organization's research efforts to find cures for cardiovascular disease, HIV/AIDS, and neurological diseases.

Gladstone is in the midst of a search for a successor to its president, Robert W. Mahley. A large portion of the Prices' gift will be used to establish the Robert W. and Linda Mahley Endowed Professorship, which will be held by the incoming president.

Established thirty years ago with an $8 million endowment from the estate of Southern California developer J. David Gladstone, the organization is also in the final stages of its first-ever capital campaign. With the gift from the Prices, nearly $30 million has been committed toward the $35 million campaign goal. Other campaign supporters include the W.M. Keck, L.K. Whittier, and Koret foundations, and Taube Philanthropies.

"I would argue that, pound for pound, Gladstone is the highest impact biomedical research center in the nation," said William Price, who has chaired the Gladstone Advisory Council since 2007. "This is why supporting the extraordinary work at Gladstone is one of our own top philanthropic priorities."

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