Golisano Foundation Receives $10.2 Million to Support Programs for People With Developmental Disabilities

The Golisano Foundation has announced a $10.2 million gift from its founder, billionaire businessman Tom Golisano, to increase its ability to provide support for programs for people with developmental disabilities in the Rochester, New York, area.

To help enhance transition services, Golisano recently hosted a meeting with the region's university and college presidents to discuss campus-cased options for young adults with developmental disabilities and to encourage more opportunities for them to experience the higher education environment. The meeting highlighted the efforts of the Golisano Foundation-funded Institute for Innovation for Transition, which works to provide support for young adults, family members, local education institutions, and agencies to effectively address transition issues for people with developmental disabilities between the ages of fourteen and twenty-five. The institute is a partnership of the foundation and the University of Rochester that is housed at the Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities at Golisano Children's Hospital.

"The discussion was highly energetic and encouraging," said Golisano. "There is clearly tremendous potential for partnerships and movement in policy and culture change that can benefit the next generation of people in need of disability services. It is my hope that this gift will help advance this work and more."