Google Awards $3 Million to Combat Human Trafficking

Google has announced a $3 million Global Impact Award to the Polaris Project, Liberty Asia, and La Strada International in support of their efforts to create a Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network.

Last summer, the search giant hosted a summit at which technologists, leaders, and those with unique personal experiences — including former weapons brokers and survivors of domestic and international human trafficking — looked at illicit global networks. The discussion there led to a more in-depth examination of how local, national, and regional anti-trafficking helplines could be connected in a data-driven network that helps disrupt interconnected human trafficking networks. Since the summit, Google has worked with the three organizations to create an anti-trafficking hotline network, collect data from local hotline efforts, share promising practices, and create anti-trafficking strategies focused on victim protection and the prevention and eradication of human trafficking.

"Google's Global Impact Award is making it possible for us to connect with diverse anti-trafficking organizations around the world so that the fight against human trafficking is a more collective and data-driven effort," said Polaris Project CEO Bradley Myles. "Through the Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network, we want to make it as easy as possible for the millions of people held in slavery to reach out to a hotline and access help. We are thrilled that Google Ideas' summit against illicit networks helped catalyze this hotline network, and we look forward to partnering with Liberty Asia, La Strada International, and future members to make this vision a reality."

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