Google Awards $3.7 Million for Civic Innovation has announced two grants totaling $3.7 million in support of efforts to encourage more open and innovative societies.

The philanthropic arm of search giant Google awarded $1.6 million to UK-based mySociety to build a global platform that provides software developers with tools and resources that enable them to create new civic apps and services more quickly and easily. In addition, awarded $2.1 million to the Sunlight Foundation to help the organization expand its efforts to make government more transparent and accountable, particularly at the local level. The grant also will enable Sunlight to offer local mini-grants and bolster its efforts to develop policy case studies that demonstrate the power of technology-driven transparency to increase civic engagement.

"Sunlight has a great track record in using technology to open up data and make civic information more transparent, accessible, and actionable," said vice president Matthew Stepka. "They have the experience needed to work with cities on tech-driven solutions that encourage transparency and innovation at the local level."

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