Awards $1.4 Million to 4-H for Computer Skills Initiative Awards $1.4 Million to 4-H for Computer Skills Initiative has announced a $1.4 million grant to 4-H Clubs in support of an initiative that will provide students around the country with opportunities to develop skills through computer programming.

The grant will enable the youth development organization to provide computer science education to its members, helping them acquire the technical skills, confidence, and leadership needed to pursue careers in fields ranging from agricultural science to fashion design to engineering. To that end, many of the more than six million students who participate in 4-H programs will use code training efforts such as CS First and virtual field trips via Google Expeditions.

"Coding and basic technology skills are a must for the next generation," said Julie Eddleman, a senior director at Google who spent ten years in 4-H in Indianapolis. "I have five children, ages eleven through thirty-one, and they all use technology every day — from video games to social media to coding puzzles. The combination of understanding tech and working with diverse people has helped me find different ways to approach or solve a problem."