Commits Another $50 Million for COVID-19 Relief Efforts Commits Another $50 Million for COVID-19 Relief Efforts has announced a new commitment of $50 million in support of global COVID-19 relief efforts. 

The commitment is in addition to $50 million in COVID-related funding announced by the company in March, of which $25 million has been disbursed in support of economic relief and recovery efforts, including $15 million in cash grants to nonprofits assisting underrepresented small-business owners; $15 million in support of health and science initiatives, including up to $10.5 million through public-matching campaigns to the World Health Organization and other organizations; and $10 million to enhance distance learning.

New commitments include grants of $5 million each to Common Future, which will provide capital and technical assistance to two thousand women and minority small-business entrepreneurs in the United States, and Youth Business International, which will use the funds to launch a Rapid Response and Recovery Program and provide critical support services, including crisis helplines, to more than two hundred thousand underserved small and midsize businesses in thirty-two countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific region. 

Another $10 million in emergency grants will be awarded to nonprofits working to address food insecurity, assist vulnerable homeless populations, support victims of domestic violence, and/or expand access to mental health care in communities where Google has offices. To date, has committed more than $1 million to a variety of organizations, including the Silicon Valley Strong FundKirkland Small Businesses Relief Fund, and Cambridge Mayoral Disaster Relief Fund in the U.S., and more than $4 million to nonprofits such as Feeding Britain and FareShare (United Kingdom), A Lust for Life (Ireland), CEAR and Red Acoge (Spain), and the Egyptian Food Bank (Egypt). As part of a $10 million commitment to provide direct cash assistance to those impacted by the pandemic, also pledged $1 million to the Family Independence Initiative and awarded grants in support of cash assistance for vulnerable families in India.

"This is one of many commitments at Google to help during this crisis, keep people safe, and ensure they have access to the information they need," wrote vice president Jacquelline Fuller in a blog post. "We'll be sharing more as we build on these commitments globally and continue to deploy resources to help the most affected and underserved communities recover and thrive."

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