Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Announces 2019 Inventor Fellows

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Announces 2019 Inventor Fellows

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has announced the 2019 class of Moore Inventor Fellows.

Launched in 2016, the $36 million fellowship program recognizes early-career innovators at U.S. universities who are creating tools and technologies with the potential to accelerate progress in the areas of scientific research, environmental conservation, and patient care. Selected from more than two hundred nominees, the five fellows will each receive $825,000 over three years, including $50,000 a year from their home institution.

The 2019 Moore Inventor Fellows are Daniel Congreve (Harvard University), who is exploring the use of upconversion, a process that converts lower-energy light to higher-energy light, to create a new approach to 3D printing; Erin Fischell (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), whose invention of a low-cost sensing system for the formation and management of swarms of autonomous underwater vehicles will improve oceanographic data collection; Ksenia Krasileva (University of California, Berkeley), whose invention will boost plant immunity by disabling pathogens and improve genetic disease resistance in crops; Chang Liu (University of California, Irvine), whose engineered yeast cells, which act like an immune system, will support the rapid, scalable, and affordable evolution of custom antibodies for drug discovery and biomedical research; and Maiken Mikkelsen (Duke University), whose on-chip photodetector uses metasurfaces for high-speed hyperspectral imaging, a technology whose possible applications range from computer vision to the monitoring of agricultural crops.

"These young women and men are at early stages of their careers, when they most need funding for their ideas, but when it is most difficult to obtain," said Robert Kirshner, chief program officer for science at the foundation. "We want to capture opportunities that would otherwise be missed. We expect Moore Inventor Fellowships will give creative people the time and resources to develop their ideas and help open the path for invention inside academic institutions."

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