Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation announces 2020 Inventor Fellows

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation announces 2020 Inventor Fellows

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has announced the 2020 class of Moore Inventor Fellows.

Launched in 2016, the ten-year, $36 million fellowship program recognizes early-career innovators at U.S. universities who are creating tools and technologies with the potential to accelerate progress in the areas of scientific research, environmental conservation, and patient care. Selected from nearly two hundred nominees, this year's fellows will each receive $825,000 over three years, including $50,000 a year from their home institution.

This year's Moore Inventor Fellows are Eszter Boros (Stony Brook University), whose invention enables the highly selective capture of radioactive metal ions, paving the way for the application of scandium radioisotopes in the early, non-invasive diagnosis of and targeted radiotherapy for cancers; Boubacar Kanté (University of California, Berkeley), who has invented topological light sources and lasers that could be used for energy efficient computing, sensing, and imaging; Jacqueline Linnes (Purdue University), whose invention combines highly sensitive nucleic acid amplification with the simplicity and scalability of low-cost paper-based devices, an approach that enables accurate and accessible infection diagnosis for traditionally underserved communities; James Pikul (University of Pennsylvania), who has combined robotics and electrochemistry to create a new energy source to power off-grid electronics; and Joshua Weinstein (University of Chicago), who is developing a new form of imaging that uses artificial DNA molecules  inside a biological specimen to capture an image of that specimen.

"The Moore Inventor Fellowship recognizes the power of innovation to solve problems and reimagine our world," said Moore Foundation president Harvey V. Fineberg. "We are pleased to recognize the spectrum of disciplines, ideas, and approaches embodied in this group of fellows."

"Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation announces 2020 Moore Inventor Fellows." Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation press release 09/16/2020.