Grameen Foundation Merges With Freedom From Hunger

The Grameen Foundation has announced that it is joining forces with Freedom From Hunger to form a single global organization dedicated to fighting poverty.

Under the banner of the Grameen Foundation, the combined organization will use digital and mobile technology to reach more people across the poverty spectrum while deepening its focus on the very poor, especially women. A leader in digital innovation to end poverty, the Grameen Foundation has helped twenty-three million people gain access to microloans, savings accounts, and other financial services, while its mobile agriculture tools have benefited close to half a million smallholder farmers in Africa and Latin America. Widely known for its work with village-based women's groups, Freedom from Hunger's integrated health and financial services programs today reach some five million women in the developing world.

The combined organization's board of trustees will draws half its members from each organization and will continue to work to strategically align its programs over the coming months.

"Our integration comes at an incredibly exciting time," said Grameen Foundation president and CEO Steve Hollingworth. "Over the past twenty odd years, one billion people have been able to exit extreme poverty. As a combined organization, we have unprecedented opportunity to accelerate such changes, especially for the eight hundred million people still living in dire poverty and highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change."