Grantsfire to Join Foundation Center

The Foundation Center and Grantsfire have announced a joint effort in which Grantsfire will become a project of the center to ensure access to the most up-to-date information possible.

Funded in part by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Grantsfire is a Web-based system that captures and publishes grant information using Web 2.0 tools and technology, including the machine-readable "hGrants" format. Grantsfire will become part of the center's existing electronic grant reporting system, which is used by four hundred and fifty foundations around the world.

"Our vision for Grantsfire has always been to facilitate better collaboration among foundations through access to real-time data," said Jason Ricci, a founder of Grantsfire. "By combining our technology with the Foundation Center's years of experience and expertise, that vision is becoming reality."

Foundations that submit their most recent grants directly to the center in a standard electronic format help ensure that timely and accurate data is available to the tens of thousands of people who rely on the center for information on U.S. funders and their giving. In return, the Foundation Center provides each participating foundation with free interactive maps and charts of their grants.

"The Grantsfire technology gets us one step closer to having real-time grants information," said Bradford Smith, president of the Foundation Center. "This is central to our long-standing mission of increasing transparency so that people can see exactly what foundations are doing on the issues about which they care most."

"Grantsfire to Join the Foundation Center." Foundation Center Press Release 04/13/2010.