Gulf Coast Fellowship for Community Transformation Initiative Launches

Jewish Funds for Justice has announced the launch of the Gulf Coast Fellowship for Community Transformation initiative, which, three years after Hurricane Rita devastated portions of the Gulf Coast, is designed to support local leaders and sustain ongoing rebuilding efforts.

Co-created and led by Jewish Funds for Justice, the Twenty-First Century Foundation, and the Gulf Coast Fund for Ecological Health and Community Renewal, with lead funding from the Ford Foundation, the initiative will award two-year fellowships to individuals working to revitalize Gulf Coast communities. Fellows will receive a yearly stipend of $20,000 and personal and professional development consultations to help ensure the sustainability of their work.

"Without the vital work of these leaders, low-income communities may not have the opportunity to rebuild. If the Gulf Coast is to rebuild an inclusive society, the recovery must be led and sustained by local leaders and faith-based organizations," said Stosh Cotler, vice president of leadership initiatives at Jewish Funds for Justice. "Community organizers are the champions of justice in this country, creating stronger communities for all people."

"New Fellowship Launched to Support Community Organizers in the Gulf Coast" Jewish Funds for Justice Press Release 10/25/2008.